bi-coastal living has widened my palette, from vermont to san francisco and everywhere between and beyond. I am a senior media studies and journalism student with a non-stop obsession for food and sharing it. I love to cook, eat, dine and write.


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World Champion Parade

Not even when the final out was recorded did I even realize what this World Series title meant. I for one had a hard time figuring out whether to cry, throw up, or run around kissing people. It was the most awkward moment of my life, and I loved it. And even though I knew we won, it was almost like I was waiting for the commissioner of baseball to add more World Series games as a sick joke.

Not even the drunken parading, the obnoxious yelling of “World Fucking Champions” to every stranger I saw, the demand for a response back when I got none the first time, the awesome beer showers on Polk street, the 5 times I slurred along to “We are the Champions” booming out of some random mercedes, or even the fire truck fishtailing down the street, could make this feeling of the Giants winning a World Series for the first time ever in my life, and in San Francisco’s life, sink in.

The Parade made the feeling start sinking in, and fast. 1.5 million people blocking my way to seeing the greatest procession of awesomeness Market St. has ever seen was a sight to behold.  The people in trees, the sweatiness, the long lines to do normal things, the smell of pot in the air, the GIANTS GEAR! I had A.D.D overload. I wanted everything and wanted it immediately. All walks of life were there, crawling up to the highest points possible to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Happiness was in the air and it was amazing to see the entire city bask in it.

But seeing those cable cars go down the street, imagining that orange confetti come down from the sky, making San Francisco snow orange on those baseball players that gave me some of my life’s greatest memories this is year is something so absolutely absurd that it really meant that my Giants did do something special. It still seems like a dream, but I’m getting used to it. Go Giants.

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13 People .. 1 Story

1 story ..  an epic puzzle, pieced together by 13 extremely talented people, led by one man (to rule them all!) with no set direction.  EXCEPT! to inform the world of the DMP USF Story!

Sooooo the stage was set.. the lights dimmed.. and the camera..?! well we had issues. BUT it is now here!  The WORLD PREMIERE of the DMP10 OFFICIAL music video 13 people .. 1 Story !  Written and Performed by Evelyn Obamos & Bryce Lau.

HUGE thanks to  Danny Plotnick, David Silver, and all our amazing classmates of DMP!!

PEEP the Vid. on youTUBE @ http://tinyurl.com/2cfgyb8

Some Pics on flickr @ http://tinyurl.com/2cu7k3n


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Paranormal Activity: Not Just in Movies by Yukari and Nami

Has there ever been a time when you have experienced paranormal activities?

W’ve never had such experiences (luckily!), however, We did come across people that either knew about a story, or have experienced it themselves.

In the hopes of finding out what is going on, I decided to interview a couple of people in various locations on campus that are supposedly haunted.

Kathleen Singh shared her bizarre experience at the ground floor of Phelan Hall. She says that the girl’s bathroom at the ground level in Phelan, the water faucet turns on by itself. She also says, some toilets in restrooms of each floor of the building start flushing on their own.  Most people who have lived in Phelan had the same experiences in the bathrooms, while others say that they’ve heard random foot steps late at night in the hallway, but when they opened the door, nobody was actually there. Kathleen has never been back to that girl’s bathroom. What I though was more bizarre though were the double doors

Jocelyn Hall lived on the 9th floor of Hayes-Healy during her first year at USF, where, supposedly, a girl hung herself in one of the rooms. One night, she says, she was showering at around 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. She was pretty sure she was the only one in the bathroom, until she suddenly saw a shadow on the floor and heard a strange noise out of nowhere. Jocelyn also said, that people that lived next door to “the room,” occasionally heard random thumping noises.

One of the most famous haunted places at USF is Lone Mountain. You might have heard a story of a nun who killed herself once before. She was raped by a priest and killed herself at the bell tower because she got pregnant. The tower stairs that went up to the tower is now closed by the mirror and she appears when you stand in front of the mirror late at night…

Yusaku Otagiri shares a story of his spiritual experiences when he was RA at Pacific Wing of Lone Mountain. He says he saw things late at night and heard weird sounds. Last summer, when he had a duty to patrol on third floor of PW after twelve at night, he saw shadows that look like humans and noises like creaking and shuffles. He now lives off-campus and tells me that things are so much better without duties.

None of these events are explainable, but also do not seem to be coincidental.

You might be the next one… WATCH OUT!

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TOP USF: 20 Things Every Student Must Do Before Graduating – A USF Story by Liz and Quincy.

San Francisco is one of the best, most beautiful cities in the entire world, and we actually go to school here! There are millions and millions of places to eat, shop and explore and not just in the backyard of the University of San Francisco.  We asked friends, professors, and classmates to give us a list of the various places each USF student should visit before he or she graduates.  How did we ask so many people?  Facebook, and Twitter helped us with that one. Follow the link below to see our list…

Twenty Things To Do Before You Graduate

AND our flickr set

–Liz Lauer and Quincy Roth DMP10

Thanks to CHAR (iTweetUSF)

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Chet “Dusty Fingaz” Bentley

On a warm Tuesday afternoon I was walking thru the Panhandle with my friend, Chet.  He was talking to me excitedly about an Algerian tennis player he recently met.  We walk into his brightly lit apartment just off Haight.  The place is nicely decorated and records fill every room in the house, not the bathroom though, I checked.  I quickly browse thru his records: The Chronic, an MC Hammer LP, Jungle Echoes, the man has vinyl from every genre and time period.  Chet puts on a record of an old Spanish choir which seems like a futile attempt to impress me.  Chet throws a sausage into a pan and we start the interview.

How did you first get into records?

That’s a great question.  Fuck how did I? (checks his sausage).  There’s an attraction to this superior sound over digital which I had access to-I had a record player.

How old were you?

C: 17 or 18.

How did your first DJ gig come about?

My friend (Chris) was asked to DJ so I jumped onboard with him.

Was that Milk Bar?

No that was Beauty Bar in the Mission.

What’s your favorite genre to play while DJing?

No imparticular genre, it’s about keeping it eclectic, although some places aren’t open to that

Go to record to get people up and dancing?

(Laughing) People don’t dance to my music.  It depends on the audience dude, it really depends.  Something I dance to, might not be what others dance to.  Do you want deep electronic music or do they want African rythms.  It’s always different.

Yes, ok but do you notice a certain reaction when you put on Juveniles “Back that Ass up” as opposed to some obscure Spanish high school choir singing.

Hahaha…yes the difference is clear when appealing to the ghetto thirsty youth of America.  It’s a college choir.

Top 3 favorite records? One of those desert island type questions.

Ewwww.  That’s my answer.  Don’t ever ask me that question.

Ok what are you really into presently?

(Hands me a record) Koln Concert by Keith  Jarret.  It’s one concert that took place in Germany.  And Howlin’ Wolf, it’s early blues.

Chet’s sausage is done and so is our interview.  Make sure to check out Chet & Chris DJ at Beauty Bar on Tuesdays 9-10:30pm and at Milk Bar Fridays 5-9pm.  You can look at more pics of Chet here or there.

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Traveling Blues with a Full Stomach

I fought with my parent’s to live off campus. I didn’t care how great the views are from Lone Mountain dorm rooms, or how safe it would be – I could not accept the rules of USF dorm life.

Living in a cupboard smaller than my parent’s laundry room shared with another random (possibly psychotic) girl was not ideal. Nor was the fact that I would have to check in guests, and the opposite sex is not allowed to spend the night (what if I was a lesbian? You lose USF!).  Bogus rules cramp my style. Convincing my parents that I should live off campus was easy – I showed them how much money they would be saving by granting my wish.

The only thing that isn’t beautiful about living off campus is: getting to campus.

I have to take not one, but two buses to get to and from school. I live in the Sunset, so I take the 28 bus line up through the park (as to not get robbed and killed walking through it), and then I take either the 5 or the 31 the rest of the way. Taking the bus can be a very sad thing, but sometimes it’s not so bad.

Something that makes it not so bad is the fact that I can explore the city this way. I’ve seen so many cool streets and neighborhoods, and I’ve shopped and eaten at so many awesome places. Living on campus, I would never have experienced this.

I’ve decided to document some of my travels along the public transportation routes leading to USF.  The following content will include places to explore and eat at along these bus lines.

If you live down below Golden Gate Park, you may be taking the 28 bus line.  Check out these restaurants:  http://bit.ly/blvCs7

If you live in the Outer Richmond, you probably take the 38 bus line.  Here is a good list of eats:  http://bit.ly/a0McsV

If you live in the Mission, Castro, Cole Valley, Potrero Hill, or any other cool part of the city, you’ve most likely taken the 33 bus line.  Here are my favorite places by the stops:http://bit.ly/bYRDZj

Balboa and Fulton Streets are also prime commuter routes for USF students.  The following places have been recommended to me by other students:

Balboa Sushi House: It’s the pink restaurant with the jungle of plants outside, you can’t miss it.

The Richmond: If you’re looking for a place to take a date (or your parents), impress them by taking them to this swanky sit-down spot.

Papalote Mexican Grill:  We all know Papalote’s.  It’s conveniently located right across from the 5 bus stop at Fulton and Masonic.

Sushi Bistro: This is the sushi hot spot for USF students.  Try the African Spider Roll, meow.

Tsunami Sushi Bar:  This is Nami’s personal favorite!

Velo Rouge Cafe:  You can enjoy a gourmet brunch and meet famous directors here, just get off the 5 bus line at Arguello.

Arguello Super Market:  I’ve heard nothing bad about this market’s turkey sandwich.  Who could resist fresh roasted meat 5 minutes from campus?

Central Coffee Tea & Spice:  Just a few blocks down from the 5 bus line, Central Coffee is as quaint and cute as they come.  Just adorable!

Parkside Market:  If in need of a tall can, come hither my child.

Uncle Boy’s:  Feeling poor and desire a better burger than offered by the Caf? Uncle Boy’s will give you 10% off.

Lou’s Cafe:  Sexy good, just, sexy good.  Come on, look at this SANDWICH.

Nizario’s Pizza:  Right on the 38 bus line, Nizario’s offers greasy gourmet tasting pizza at the right price.

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